Our Technologies


3D construction system with very high thickness/insulation ratio

Great flexibility and design freedom with excellent thermal and acoustic performance.

Seismic-resistant security.

Excellent in rehabilitation and extensions.

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sistema de bloques


Construction system based on blocks and plates of aerated concrete

 Simplicity of execution with few auxiliary menas.


Ecological system for low energy in maufacturing and execution.


ICF (Insulated Concrete Forms)

Constructive system based on blocks and generally EPS plates which, once assembled, are concreted internally.

Simplicity of execution with few auxiliary means.

Speed of execution and excellent thermal insulation.



The installations of a house with almost zero energy consumption must be very calculated and executed based on the annual demand and the thermal loads, in order not to produce discomfort.

Our engineering department is responsible for the proper dimensioning of the facilities choosing the most appropiate ventilation and air conditioning options.

ventilación mecánica

Our homes always incorporate double flow ventilation with heat recovery, and aerothermy for domestic hot water production.

Depending on the project and the client’s needs, you can choose air conditioning solutions that range from:

  • Air conditioning, through fan-coils.
  • Mixed air conditioning, underfloor heating and cooling through fan-coils.
  • Air conditioning of maximum comfort, by means of floors or radiant ceilings for cold and heat, with dehumidification..
  • Photovoltaic production to compensate internal consumption.