Meet Build in Green

Meet Build in Green

In Build in Green we are focused exclusively to the construction of buildings with high energy efficiency, for which we combine the great professional experiencie of two teams: the first dedicated to engineering of eco-innovation, and the second expert in cutting-edge construction. What allows us to offer the best results.

As experts in building and engineering we have a long experience of more than 25 years, so in Build in Green we do not have fixed formulas.  We know at first hand that each client has their own needs. To cover them, we have the priority to work with each project in an individualized way, always working with the client and listening to them in their proposals.

Throughout this process we are driven by the desire to build a better world. We know that it is possible and that it is in our hands the possibility of a sustainable development and the drastic reduction of the energy bill in our family homes and businesses. 


Energy Rating A+

A conscious and responsible building, full of advantages for the planet and for those who inhabit it. Because it limits the maximum use of resources and, above all, achieves a nearly zero energy consumption. We are talking about buildings with energy rating A that almost do not need energy for their air conditioning or for other uses such as hot water. This translates into 80% less energy expenditure.

Between 80 and 95% reduction in spending

An energy rating A building supposes the elimination of the energetic mortgage of the same one, a mortgage that is as significant as the financial one and that grows throughout the useful life of the house. It means reducing between 80 and 95% the cost maintaining the interior of the room at a comfortable temperature both in winter and summer.

Envelope system

To build buildings with nearly zero energy consumption, we strive to achieve a perfectly insulated envelope structure, without thermal bridges or energy losses. On this bases we incorporate renewable energy equipment with the latest technologies: geothermal, solar heat, thermodynamic equipment and aerothermy, which are chosen and combined depending on each project, to obtain sustainable space.

The future is in the nZEB buildings

The nZEB buildings (nearly zero energy buildings) or nearly zero energy consumption are a requirement of the European Community. According to a directive in force, form 2018, all public buildings built in Europe must be almost zero energy consumption, that is, as we are already building them. Two years later, in 2020, all buildings should be in this way.