The build in Green building system consists of several elements. A 3D structure in high strenght steel formed by two flat meshes strongly interconnected by multiple perpendicular bars.

The space left between the steel meshes is occupied by the insulating plate with characteristics suited to the needs for the project.

This set is completed on site by application of two layers of micro concrete of predetermined thickness either by pneumatic projection or pouring into formwork.

It is an integral construction system, resistant earthquake and thermal-acoustic insulation based on a set of structural panels.

The most outstanding advantage are its excellent thermal insulation, its great structural resistance for being formed in a three-dimensional monolithic assembly and for the important reduction in execution times, which can reach up to 50%.

It also of great importance to increase the useful area of the house compared to a traditional one. With the same total constructed area, the useful area can be increased up to 50%, which would be equivalent to, for example, for every 20 homes of 90 m2 we would obtain one more house for the same cost. This is due to the fact that traditional walls have a greater average thickness than the walls of our system. It is even worth noting that the facades with our system are the only ones with a single sheet thath meet the most demanding functional requirements of the traditional and international regulations. 

Numerous laboratory tests carried out in Spain and in different countries of the world have shown the high structural resistance of the system. When the structures are formed with our system, the loads are distributed in a multitude of linear elements (supporting walls), and therefore the values of the working stresses of these elements decrease, greatly increasing the safety coefficient. The supporting function is also increased given that all the gravitational, earthquake and wind actions are transferred to the foundation with much lower own weight than the traditional system.

Cheaper, easier and faster to build, maintain the same standards of quality and performance of more traditional products. This construction is very advantageous for the end customer economically wisey. It is estimated that during the life of the home, the electricity consumption for air conditioning is reduced by 80%. The maintenance of these buildings is more econimically since all the before mentioned characteristics mean that the materials can withstand more time without the need for paints and repairs.