This website uses technology “cookies”.

Description: Cookies are a tool used by Web servers to store and retrieve information about their visitors. It is just a text file that some servers ask our browser to write on our hard drive, with information about what we have visiting through these pages. They have an expiration date, which can range for the time the session lasts until a specified future date, from whitch they case to be operative. uses cookies to facilitate navigation through said Portal and to obtain greater efficiency and personalitation of the services offered to Users. The cookies used in are only associated with an anonymus user and his computer, do not provide references that allow to deduce the name and surnames of the user and can not read data from his hard disk or include viruses on his computer. can not read the cookies implanted on the user’s hard drive from other servers.

The user can freely decide about the implementation or on his hard drive of the cookies used in In these, sense the user can configure thier browser to accept or reject all cookies by default or to receive a warning on the screen of the receipt of each cookie and decide at that time whether or not to install it on their hard drive. For this we suggest you consult the help section of your browser to know how to change the configuration you currently use. Even if the User configures his/her browser to reject all cookies or expreslly rejects cookies from, he / she will be able to navigate through the portal with the sole inconveniencie of not being able to enjoy the functionality of the Portal that requires the installation of any of them. In case, the User may delete the cookies from implanted on his hard drive at any time, following the procedure established in the help section of this browser.